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Creating a Path for the Next Generation Family Business.

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The Backpackers Guide to Business Success - Thriving in the Wilderness of Business

Success in the business world is a lot like climbing a mountain—plan, prepare, and persevere until you reach your goal. On a mountain, skipping a crucial step can literally cause death; at work, skipping a crucial step can cause the death of a business or career. 

The Family Business:  How to be in Business with People you Love - Without Hating Them

Family businesses are wonderful.  They provide a great environment for family and extended family to work together.  Except when the relationships don't work!  Then the impact to the family, the business and the employees can be catastrophic.

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Family Business Specialist

Janna Hoiberg Executive and Leadership Business Coach

Creating a Path for the Next Generation Family Business

Family businesses encompass over 65% of all business environments in the U.S. alone.  Only 43% make it to the 2nd generation and only 3% pass to the 4th generation. The challenge isn't the wills, or estate plan.  The challenge is leadership, vision and most importantly the interpersonal skills of both generations to allow the transition.

Janna's expertise takes on that challenge of creating a path for the business to move forward and allow the current generation to pass the reigns as seamlessly as possible.